Avant-pop songstress Fifi Rong set to release the next episode of her Live Performance Series

Elegant Chinese-British songstress Fifi Rong has been on a cross-media journey, as she shares the Yi Jing 意境 Live Performance Series with the world. The series aims to build a community of loyal aesthetes and avid music/art lovers as the singer blends online concerts, short films, and performance/sonic/visual art into one, rose-coloured world. With the first episode already out, staring the talented Fifi Rong and featuring her recently released song, ‘Only One’, followers have finally been given insight into the epic creation. The singer also shared the director’s cut of the first episode, in which they discussed the first episode. You can catch it here:

As the project continues, fans will be able to commit to different tiers within the membership program, choosing the level of engagement and deepening their involvement in the creative process. The singer, known for working with Skepta, Tricky, Yello, Phaeleh, and most recently, Emika, will be sharing the second episode of the series this Sunday, the 16th of May. Tickets are available on several major platforms, however we strongly recommend you check out her website when you have a moment as it reveals the deep complexities and thought that surrounds the show.

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Aside from the one of a kind live performance show, Fifi Rong is currently gearing up to release her self-produced solo album, There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved. Listeners will be able to catch the soul-touching single, ‘Only Man’ as well as ‘Another Me’ and, from what we hear, several other unmissable tracks. For now, you can catch her latest sun-kissed music video below.

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By Sarah Britton