Avant-pop songstress Fifi Rong releases highly anticipated crowd-funded album

Chinese-British Avant-pop artist Fifi Rong has released her long-awaited solo album There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved. The album is self-produced and crowd-funded, and the singer has embarked on a whirlwind journey to get here.

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The album has been 5 years in the making, and Rong speaks openly about the sacrifices she made to bring it to fruition. “Have you ever given up everything so your dream could live? …I did. To let my music live, I had to let everything else die in my heart. But the ghosts of doomed romances had nowhere to go except to find their way into my upcoming solo Double Album: my greatest, most important and intimate body of work to date” she says.

Rong is a forerunner in the NFT movement, onboarding newcomers and marking herself as an authority in the artistic evolution. She hosts regular online discussions around the subject, and is actively inspiring other artists to join the NFT revolution. The video for Out Of Clock (directed and edited by Zee Marla Osh) is Fifi’s first NFT video and is currently being auctioned on Zora, with the bids starting at 0.3 ETH (roughly 932,55 pounds at the time of writing). The track charted at #1 on Audius, the no1 streaming platform on web3, in the first week of its release.

There Is A Funeral In My Heart, For Every Man I Loved will be a double album release in both English and Mandarin, the latter exclusively available to her crowdfunding backers and revealing hidden truths about the songstress and her creative journey. The album features the previously released singles, ‘Another Me’, ‘Only Man’, ‘Dream On’ ‘Love Yourself First’ and ‘Distance’ each of which were accompanied by cinematic videos, carefully crafted to reflect the sensually melancholic tone of the LP. 

“5 years of writing, recording and producing this double album on my own went into making sure these delicately crafted, heart-aching ballads would heal in the midst of tragedy and prepare you to smile at the end of your tears. I wanted it to be timeless. For I truly believe in creating soul resonance and meaningful connections between my art and aesthetes who can truly appreciate its multifaceted values” she says. 

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                                                           Image credit: Dylan Chubb

By Sarah Britton