Autechre quietly drop 5.5hr mix to celebrate Artificial Intelligence re-release

IDM duo Autechre have released a five and a half hour long mix to celebrate the re-release of their seminal 1992 compilation for Warp, Artificial Intelligence. The mix features music from 100 different artists who inspired the duo’s direction in the 90’s. The mix appeared online just before the new year, three weeks after the compilation’s re-release. According to Autechre, the mix reflects “some of the stuff that was floating around us at the time.”

Fans have eagerly embraced the mix, with some even creating a spreadsheet to list track IDs. So far, fans have identified tracks by LFO, Sade, 808 State, and Brian Eno

Warp’s Artificial Intelligence compilation is often regarded as one of the most groundbreaking electronic music releases in history. Billed as ‘electronic listening music,’ the compilation looked to expand the 90’s opinion of electronic music beyond just the club space, attempting to target an older demographic with more classic tastes. The result, which features the likes of Aphex Twin and Richie Hawtin under monikers, was essential in the establishment of ambient as a serious genre. 

Listen to Autechre’s mix here, and get your hands on the Artificial Intelligence re-release from Warp here