Aslice partners with FATDrop to protect producer fees

Aslice, a software designed to pay producers when their music is played by DJs, has teamed up with promotion platform FATdrop to enable producers to be paid before their music is released. The collaboration involves producers sharing their releases’ metadata with Aslice via the FATdrop interface. The metadata can then be matched to tracklists registered by DJs who use Aslice to donate a portion of their fees to the producers whose music they play. To share metadata, producers can tick a box in the FATdrop preferences.

The lack of standards for collecting and displaying metadata has led to a crisis that has left billions of dollars unpaid to musicians, according to Aslice, which was launched last year by techno artist DVS1. FATdrop, launched in 2007, is used by industry professionals, such as record labels and PR agencies, to distribute watermarked promos to DJs, journalists and radio hosts.

Aslice uses a machine-learning algorithm to identify tracks and match them with producers registered on its system. It is compatible with rekordbox, Traktor and Serato, and also works as a standalone USB media to read playlists auto-generated on Pioneer DJ products. FATdrop owner Alex Stacey said that providing new ways for artists to be paid when their music is played is a worthy cause.