Araabmuzik, Pyrmdplaza, Khalil and Budakan at The Nest

Tonight will see The Nest, Stoke Newington, playing host to a killer line up including American MPC god, AraabMuzik. Also performing at the evening’s proceedings will be Pyrmdplaza, Khalil and Budakan.

THE PLAYGROUND had a quick chat with the man himself ahead of his appearance at the legendary East London night-spot.

So you’re from Rhode Island (so is DJ Pauly D), is there much of a music scene over there? How often to you get a chance to go home?

The music scene is picking up slowly out there. I’m not home that often. If I’m not traveling I’m in NY working.

How would you describe the music you make to someone that hadn’t heard you before?

Very different and versatile. Different blends of different genres.

Are there any artists that you’re particularly into at the moment?

There’s a lot of new heat out there. A lot to mention.

Who would you say have been the biggest musical influences for you?

Swizz Beats, Alchemist and Dre.

You made the transition from hip-hop to dance music a while back. What was the reaction from the fans that knew you before the change in direction?

The reaction has been great. Both sides have embraced the transition pretty. When fans come to the shows they appreciate both sides.

What would you say the main differences between playing a hip-hop orientated night and an EDM night are?

The energy. People are little more open minded in Dance/EDM

Over in the UK, sometimes EDM as a genre gets a bit of a bad rap and obviously that’s not the case over the in US. Why do you think that is?

I’m not really sure! You guys are hard critics in the UK. NY and UK are always hard markets to please.

You’re famed for creating beats at lightning speed on an MPC. Are you self- taught? How long did it take to get that good?

Yes, I am self taught. It took a few years. I’m still learning new things. 

You put out a lot of remixes as well as producing your own tracks. What would you say was more challenging? Is there an added pressure when you’re adapting the work of someone else?

I focus on what I can add to the track. I will get some intake from the artist for what they want but most of time they give the freedom to do my thing.

Your track backed that infamous Adidas advert. How did it feel to be asked to do something like that? What did it do for your career?

That was great honour to be asked to score the D. Rose campaign. It was great look for my career.

What can people expect to hear from your set at The Nest?

A dope electrified show. Definitely looking forward to performing in London.

Is there anything in the pipeline that we should be looking out for in 2015?

New album and a lot of placements. I can’t mention them but you will surprised.

For more information on the event and to grab yourself some tickets to see a legend in action, click here.