Apple Music launches Spatial Audio DJ mixes with exclusive mix from Jeff Mills

Apple Music has launched DJ mixes available to stream in spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. Apple’s Spatial Audio, which takes Dolby Atmos, 5.1, and 7.1 audio frequencies and adjusts them so that they can be heard virtually anywhere in 3D space, was launched in March with a number of albums and songs being made available in the format. 

Apple has been at the fore of making DJ mixes and sets available for streaming. Last year, they launched groundbreaking technology that could identify individual artists in a DJ mix, and allow for those artists to be compensated in accordance with copyright laws. The initiative is lucrative for both DJs and producers, allowing both to benefit from the streaming age and allowing audiences greater access to dance music. 

Apple’s Spatial Audio DJ Mix series kicks off with a mix from none other than techno icon Jeff Mills. Relaunching Apple’s One Mix series, Mills’s Outer To Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix, is an hour long session that Mills says is “designed to stimulate the listeners’ three dimensional senses and sensations using the subject and idea of breaking Earth’s gravitational pull and leaving the planet.” 

Other mixes available in the Spatial Audio format include a 15 mix collection from Boiler Room, including sets from HAAi, Lady Shaka, and India Jordan. New Spatial Audio sets are expected to be released monthly.


See the tracklist for Jeff Mills’s Outer To Inner Atmosphere: The Escape Velocity Mix below. 



  1. Zachary Lubin – Terrestrial Analogue (Emergence) 
  2. Jeroen Search & 30drop – Nearest Star System to the Sun / Mystery of Bead
  3. Johannes Volk – Drift Into Infinity
  4. Jonas Kopp – Opening the Channel
  5. Johannes Volk – Perception
  6. Translate – Sept 
  7. Deetron – Fossil
  8. Shinedoe & Staffan Linza – Redraw All Senses / Memory Consolidation
  9. David Reina – Olbers Paradox
  10. Canis Major Overdensity
  11. DJ Surgeles – Exordium 
  12. DVS1 – The Five Aggregates 
  13. Jeroen Search – Alpha Centauri System 
  14. Jonas Kopp & MAL HOMBRE – First Transmission from 15. Asterope / Andromeda Outpost 
  15. Developer – ARCADIANS 58 
  16. Arjun Vagale & MAL HOMBRE – Drift / Solar Signals 
  17. David Reina & Orbe – MJ-XII / Constellation of Kasterborous 
  18. Ma Haipang – Landing Mission 
  19. Decoder – Dark Shape 
  20. Dimi Angelis – Electric Park Walk 
  21. Joaquin Ruiz – ASTRONOMICAL UNIT 
  22. Joaquin Ruiz – GLIESE 1 
  23. IOK-4 
  24. Tadeo – A Clarity Moment 
  25. Optic Nerve – For Gone (Interstellar Mix)