Aphex Twin teases live performance comeback

Iconic producer Aphex Twin has dropped hints about his first live show since 2019. According to NME, a mysterious website with the URL www.190823.co.uk and featuring the producer’s logo inside the word LONDON has fans into a tailspin. Now, fans are speculating that this could be a message hinting at the producer’s return to the stage at London’s Field Day Festival, which takes place on August 19 at Victoria Park. Visitors to the website are prompted to enter their email address, and are then added to a news list where it is expected that the performance will be announced.

Aphex Twin’s last live performances all took place in 2019. That year, he performed in England, Brooklyn, as well as Coachella. IN 2017, the producer headlined the Field Day Festival, shortly after releasing his EP Cheetah. That performance was live streamed by NTS. Watch the performance below.