Aphex Twin Returns In Eclectic Splendour in Collapse

Aphex Twin | Collapse | Warp Records

Release date: 14 September 2018

Review by Jenna Dreisenstock

The artificial in raw human expression, to break forth as a pioneer and produce the analog of immersive sound and innovative willingness to embrace the eclectic; progression and glitch in affectionate experimentation.

To introduce famed composer and producer Aphex Twin feels rather unnecessary at this point in time! As the father of IDM – Richard D. James, acclaimed as a pioneer under his moniker Aphex Twin – returns with the release of ‘Collapse’ – an EP confident to rise forth, in burning embers and shattered expectation in phoenix rebirth; whilst still retaining the personality that has kept us fixated for years.

The first track of the album ‘T69 collapse’  greets us in an overwhelm of oscillating glitch, lovers in tandem with a driving beat formed in a sparking textural aura; the complex companionship in loving melody amongst the burning energy sings burning embers, as the track progresses forward in algorithmic, bass-heavy soak and switch-break self-assurance. The swell of synth presents itself amongst curious percussive weave, as the energy of the track sweeps in IDM swing, bubble polyphony in personality constructing strength; a quick movement into compassionate bass drench – to an alert in stuttering vigour; science-fiction glissando in robotic surge, calm in analog chaos as the layered bassline draws close.

Epilepsy Warning!

The artificially-intelligent fuzz of drone welcomes ‘MT1 t299r2’ in self-assured, energetic alienation; to dance in the mechanical fracture, bursting forth in fragmented ecstasy as the track progresses to climatic, bass rapture – a swell within the ebb and flow of the beautiful harsh, mathematic growth furthering James’ spherical overwhelm into compassionate calm; a dynamic take on ambience one can feel burning in the lungs. The industrial percussive clap exhilarates an eclectic mix of honeyed melody, the juxtaposition of which building foundation of polyphony in harmony; as conflicting timbres seep seamlessly into a brave overwhelm of advance in expression. From the concrete metallic of strong percussive sprouts the fiery ashes of ambient calm; sea-soaked reflection in swimming embrace.

Perhaps one of the less ‘drill & bass’ remiscient tracks on the album, ‘Abundandance10edit (2 R8’s, FZ20m & a 909)’ greets us in atmospheric reverb, vapour-drip purr in momentum amongst a gentle fuzz; an introspective exploration of timbre and tempo amongst the layered static. Further advance into the reminiscence of swirling, drenched 80’s synth – an eccentric genre-defy: a tender voice appears, sample in the experimental;

Give me your hand, and I will lead you to the land of abundance – joy and happiness.

The depth of foreboding synth shifting in tempo, intricate textural layers cumbersome in speciality; a confident bass-line permeating the tracks willingness to simmer deep within the body, a shudder of the heart and substantial focus amongst dynamic use of instrumental exploration leads forth in cloud-drifting ambience. The contrast of push and pull amongst raw willingness to embrace personal synthesis leaves us with an nostalgic outro in its synthesizer glory.

Collapse brings us a true engulf of the exploration into the experimental, retaining an introspective, yet energetic personality that is truly the personification of Aphex Twin; anticipated so highly, and definitely living up to the hype.


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