ANT ENOCH and Moreton unveil a tender ode to the beauty and bewilderment of falling in love

Sydney-based artist ANT ENOCH has released his second single and accompanying video, ‘Tunnel Road’, featuring fellow aussie artist Moreton, on March 15, 2024. Lifted from his upcoming debut EP Big Talk Big Party (out 17 May) via Berlin label Embassy of Music, the track has already received praise from Atwood Magazine, Rolling Stone Australia, Clash Magazine UK, and Abbie McCarthy of BBC Introducing. ENOCH has spent the past 10 years singing on stage and touring internationally with his band Caravãna Sun, His solo project emerged from playful studio sessions, initially solo during lockdown and later with friends. With a DIY approach, he blends heartfelt bedroom pop and humble lo-fi akin to Yellow House and Lover Buffet. The song was co-written by Moreton, known for her award-winning minimalist power-ballads and art-rock, her era-less voice and forthright lyrics. She has been compared to the likes of PJ Harvey, Sharon Van Etten, Portishead and The National

‘Tunnel Road’ is tender and organically DIY: featuring a metal ring found in ENOCH’s father’s toolbox, a time-stretched Wurlitzer loop, and a tiny old Pearl River reed organ bought for a carton of milk and 20 dollars from a garage sale. Produced by Berlin-based Brazilian producer Julia Borelli. Airy, gentle piano chords are lifted by airy synths and dreamy, gentle pads. There are moments of quiet and movement, with the heavenly, potent vocals floating over the arrangement as they sing about the rapture and risk of falling in love. The accompanying video features the two artists, tenderly singing and sharing intimate moments and gazes.


ENOCH divulged: “To be completely honest, probably the most terrifying part of my whole life was when this song was being written,” E “This feeling of being in love but also terrified because you’re so open, so vulnerable.”

Moreton shared: “The danger of when you are so connected to someone is that you feel their feelings and it no longer feels like it’s just you. “Love’s a risky business and it’s not always comfortable to be in big highs and really big lows.”