Angel-Ho releases music video for ‘I Want Your Love’

South African multidisciplinary alt-pop artist Angel-Ho has released a music video for her single, I Want Your Love. The track is taken from her latest album, Skitzo Ritual. The album follows last year’s `A Time To Die, and has been released independently by Angel-Ho. In her own words, the album “is a perception of healing, coming and going.” 

I Want Your Love is a disco house track with elements of Angel-Ho’s usual experimentation and industrial bass influences. For Ho, it’s “a kind of mantra inspired by trans women and my own lived experience of not being able to find romantic relationships that value us.” The music video features creative direction by Angel-Ho, and videography from photographer Shiraaz The Alien and Mas-ood Peterson. Produced independently and filmed on location in Cape Town, the visual sees Ho perform in a number of high fashion looks, including garments by Cape Town designers House of Laidlaw and Blünke. Speaking on the video, Angel-Ho said “it’s about manifesting love for whoever wants love… It’s about manifesting a love that, to quote the song, can withstand the test of time.” The video is dedicated to the late Desmond Goedeman, better known as Joan Collins, a trans activist and icon from Cape Town who recently passed away. 


Watch the video for I Want Your Love below. Download Skitzo Ritual here.