An education in Acid Dub Studies by Om Unit

Om Unit continues to diversify his catalogue further with his new album Acid Dub Studies as he ventures into new musical territories. This album creates a fine fusion between dub reggae and 303 acid house which creates an explosive listening experience for its listeners. 

The Bristol based artist says his album is “inspired as much by the adventurous dubbing of Adrian Sherwood as by the inward-delving haze of Scott Monteith’s Deadbeat project.” 

The album was recorded during the lockdown which was “a period of lonely introspective walks through his hometown of Bristol” which inspired the photo for the album-art. Om Unit further explained that “the cover art is a photograph of some of the iron kerbstones that are found almost exclusively in the characterful and hardy city which were installed in the late 1800’s to protect pavements from cart wheels. Something about the permanence of those iron slabs and cobblestones inspired a sense of comfort and determination.”

The album might be a throwback to the acid tinged ambient dub of the early 90s which would usually be featured on labels such as Planet Dog. Acid Dub Studies will take its listeners on a journey to psychedelia with its hypnotic and trippy dub combined with the 303 acid bassline. 

Om Unit leaves us all intrigued by what musical novelty he will bring to us soon. But for now, get ready for an education in Acid Dub

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