AlphaTheta, Pioneer DJ’s parent company, acquires Serato


In music tech news, Pioneer DJ’s parent company AlphaTheta has acquired Serato


This acquisition brings together two companies that have previously collaborated, with Serato’s DJ software becoming compatible with Pioneer DJ hardware in 2012. Despite the acquisition, both AlphaTheta and Serato will continue to operate as separate brands, maintaining their partnerships with key players in the DJ hardware and software industry.


Yoshinori Kataoka, CEO of AlphaTheta, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating that it will lead to new synergies and technological advancements that benefit the community. Young Ly, CEO of Serato, emphasised the company’s dedication to serving DJs, producers, and artists, and expressed excitement about strengthening their partnership with AlphaTheta to create more value for users and the industry.

This acquisition follows a trend of significant acquisitions in the electronic music tech sector. In June, iconic synthesiser manufacturer Moog Music was acquired by music conglomerate inMusic, which owns various DJ and professional audio equipment brands.