ALISA FOX takes us back to the ‘OLDSCHOOL’

Earlier this month, EDM producer ALISA FOX released her new single, a Big Room hitter titled ‘OLDSCHOOL’. The track is an independent release and follows her previously released track ‘MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT’, continuing the black and yellow theme, with bass drums that stand out just as starkly. 

Stream / Download: ALISA FOX – ‘OLDSCHOOL’

‘OLDSCHOOL’ builds and builds before plummeting into a smashing dancefloor shake-up. Chanting vocals urges on the track, driving it forward, from drop to breakdown and back again. With shout vox and a plucky melody reminiscent of Martin Garrix’s prime time, this one brings back that early to mid-2010s mood, giving meaning to its name.

Alisa Fox tells us her aim in creating the track: “The emotional facet of music has always held me captive, and I yearned to create something introspective and commanding. My intention is for listeners to forge a personal connection with the track, uncover their own profound meanings, and surrender themselves to the rhythm on the dancefloor.”

Hear it here!



Image via publicist