Alex Cherney joins forces with The Brothers Nylon for soulful LP ‘first, last and always’


Indie artist Alex Cherney and instrumental soul-funk duo The Brothers Nylon recently released their retro LP ‘first, last and always’ on the 28th July 2023. The Brothers Nylon are twin brothers Mike and Nick Rufolo, currently based out of Melbourne Beach, Florida. In addition to their original work which has accumulated millions of streams on Spotify, the twins have scored multiple films, created sample packs (loopmasters, producerloops), and remixed/orchestrated dozens of songs for other artists. Alex Cherney is a songwriter/producer currently based in Storm King, New York. He works in a multitude of genres from folk to rock to reggae, all with a classic flair. Over the last few years Cherney has built his following on Instagram and accumulated over 500K+ streams on Spotify. In addition to music, Cherney is an accomplished film writer/director and his latest feature will be screening at the Cannes Film Festival film market this coming spring.


first, last and always’, the second collaborative effort between the two acts, is identified as a Retro Soul LP, with a variety of elements from other genres such as funk, jazz and Lo-fi. Recorded exclusively via analog on a Tascam 388 Tape machine, the majority of the album was made remotely- The Brothers Nylon would send instrumentals to Cherney who then wrote and recorded vocals. They finished producing the record in person at the brother’s South Florida studio in December 2022.


The album features an eclectic array of tracks, all unique in their own way. Overall, the album is distinctly retro in sound, with Cherney’s baritone and soulful falsetto vocals taking center stage over stunning instrumentals. Intricate jazz drumming, unpredictable basslines, and boastful brass sections punctuate the tracks, with the occasional guitar solo and key section. The album has a distinctly ‘classic’ feel, with a little bit of everything for everyone. It’s upbeat, dreamy, and rife with musicality and flair.



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