AISTÈ – The Theory Of Everything

Today, we are reviewing something truly special. The subject of our discussion is an album by a budding artist with undeniable talent. An artist who, with a love for classic generation-defining acts like Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd, has it all. The panache, the poise, and the fire. You name it. She’s got it. Who is this wonder, you ask? She is none other than the London-based powerhouse singer AISTÈ

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AISTÈ has wasted no time messing around. Instead, she has used her time in the industry to get out in front of her career, garnering support in the press. She has been featured in publications like NOTION Magazine, Atwood Magazine, and CLOUT Magazine. Not to mention the UK fashion brand Underground England.

Taking the next big step in her musical pursuit, the singer has released her debut album titled The Theory of Everything. To help spread the news of this milestone, she has put together a music video for the lead single ‘GIVE ME’, which, like her video for her previously released single ‘What’s Going On’, she choreographed herself. The result? A dance number with an unbridled attitude, tailor-fitted to her free-spirited energy. You can watch it here.

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She tells us her intentions for the LP: “I hope that listeners will find comfort and inspiration in my music and that it will serve as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that exist within us all.” And her pursuit is a noble one, a truly purpose-driven message.

Without further delay, let’s dive into The Theory of Everything.

First, we have ‘SUNDAY’. The track captures the gospel side of AISTÈ’s brand of soul music. Organs hum in revelation as she takes the lead of a church choir, and together they deliver this bright composition with ecstasy. It’s a feel-good track if there ever was one. 

AISTÈ distils the tumultuous feelings of love in ‘YOU’VE GOT THE FEELING’. In it, she bares her soul to that certain someone, confronting him with open vulnerability. That is, she readily admits that she can’t leave even though she knows the relationship is unhealthy. For this one, she has employed the help of what is quickly becoming her go-to choir. And so we begin to unravel a potent sonic theme.

‘GIVE ME’ takes things to a fever pitch. Someone crack a window because it’s getting hot in here. Scorching keys set an undeniable groove just when you think the temperature couldn’t get any higher. The heat… The passion… need I say more?

From ‘SUNDAY’ to ‘YOU’VE GOT THE FEELING’ and ‘GIVE ME’, this singer’s new album is an emotional ride, a story of love and quick-burning passion. Don’t miss out. Listen to the full project below.

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Image credit: Kipras Varaneckas