Agnes releases single ‘Here Comes The Night’ ahead of EP

Dance-pop sensation Agnes has recently released her single ‘Here Comes the Night’ as a prelude to the release of her long-awaited new album Magic Still Exists which is slated to drop on 22nd October via Universal Music Sweden.

After a substantial sabbatical, the Swedish songbird has emerged with renewed energy and is unleashing her unique brand of spiritual disco on the world. Having entered showbusiness at the age of 16, Agnes already has three successful albums under her belt and leaves a trail of hits in her wake.

The unabashedly 80’s retro ‘Here Comes The Night’ is seductive and infectiously uptempo. Wrapped up in reckless abandon, the track is a call to action for Agnes’ spiritual disco family to surrender to the night.

She explains: “My latest single, ‘Here Comes The Night’ is a homage to all of us out there who are longing to just let go. It is a declaration to the dreamers, the night, the mist, the spirituality. Those that dare to fall in love – with the moment, the people around them and themselves. Hopefully, it will guide the listener into a moment of something they can call freedom.”

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