A Flawless debut EP from future-pop artist Maria Domark

It really wasn’t that long ago that Maria Domark appeared on our radar with her “in-your-face” song, ‘Mieway’ and naturally, we were hooked. The Russian-born, Israeli based artist sat down with us for an exclusive interview, in which we explored her upcoming debut EP, Flawless and her unparalleled creative process. It was after this that we had a certain date marked firmly in our calendars: the 3rd of September, when the full EP would be released to the world. 

Here we are, headphones in hand and eagerly eyeing the unique artwork (created by hyper-modern 3D art from artists like Razorade and Sevi Domochevsky who have worked with the likes of Grimes, Charli XCX, and Arca). While songs like ‘Not Alright’ and ‘Rumors’ immediately stood out with their spitting lyrical honesty paired with dark pop tones, we found ourselves lured into Maria Domark’s ‘Haunted’ vocals. The track is comparatively slow but the result is far more enticing This siren can have our heart, headphones and support, as long as she maintains this deep authenticity presented before us. 

Stream / Download: Flawless EP

Speaking of the song, Maria Domark shares: “The melody for Haunted just popped into my head while playing guitar, it was the beginning of the lockdowns and I felt completely lost. I had just stopped modelling and dropped my old manager and didn’t know what’s coming next. One line that I wrote for the songs guides me ever since – “No one is coming for me”. This song changed me for the better, it was the first song I wrote on my own, it made me start producing and set this whole project in motion.”

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