A Distinct Gaze Into Marie Davidson’s Psyche In Working Class Woman

Marie Davidson | Working Class Woman | Ninja Tune

Release Date: 5 October 2018

Image Credit: Etienne Saint Denis

Written by Jenna Dreisenstock

Eclectic in dynamic textural expression, an ability to genre-defy whilst maintain oneself within the world of media oversaturation and political climate; an eccentric personality clear within the foundation of exploration in personal ambition; the reflection of oneself within (and without) of club culture and dance music – a turn on the inner, and introspective.

Montreal-based producer and artist Marie Davidson returns with her fourth and most boldly reflective album ‘Working Class Woman’ as a psychological delve into what it means to be her – an introspective willingness of experimental vulnerability – the ups and downs of which may lead to an descent into darkness or ascent into humour and acceptance; ‘Working Class Woman’ is Davidson’s personality in an auditory journey. Known for her ability to sculpt her unique personality and genre-bending possibilities into her records, she has received widespread recognition within club-culture as she evolves further yet retains that which is so essentially her own.

Confidence in heart-beat murmur opens ‘The Psychologist’ in a density-soaked, driving bassline; a steady self-assurance in animated strength. Danceable in sheer power, a percussive beat in progression; the embrace of companionship in a pronounced, techo-trip beat shimmering sweat in immersion. Oddly comforting yet disconcerting samples break through as Davidson explores the theme of the title; a therapy session, yet with a voice that sounds slightly intrusive, met with a restless yet composed patient responding in turn; quickly turned manic while the brooding bassline buzz compliments in turn – pushing the track forward in club-ready beats.

The reverb of frantic breath opens ‘The Tunnel’, one of the darker, more ambient tracks to grace Working Class Woman. Dissonant chilling sound art poltergeists in a horror film-esque foreboding; distressed in frenzied textural experimentation amongst an inescapable sense of dread brought forth in the echo of panicked hyperventilation. The spectral remiscience of pizzicato-uncertainty in shattering chimes seeps into a drowning breathlessness of industrial drone; the static layered atmosphere with reverberating spoken word samples manifesting anxiety within one’s gut.

Machine-gun bullet tempo hits hard in percussive drone as ‘Workaholic Paranoid Bitch’ opens in the soak of stride in vibration within the body, a progression of shot-by-shot; a science-fiction reminisce of bold drum & bass riddled with strident percussive movement, the urge to dance irresistible in an involuntary trance-like state. Layered glitch weaving amongst IDM-esque neon atmosphere, power in tempo and textural expression.

(This embed is a remix by Nina Kraviz – check out the official album version in tomorrow’s release of the full album!)

The dynamic nature of ‘Working Class Woman’ allows us to delve into not only Marie Davidson’s personal, evolving style but the nature of her own life experiences; relatable to many and captivating to all audiences alike; a rare look into what makes the producer so essentially herself and the ebb and flow of her world in carefully woven sound.




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