8 Tips for Artists using Patreon


Patreon is a popular crowdfunding platform that many artists, creators, and content producers use to monetize their work and build a sustainable income. It allows artists to receive direct support from their fans and patrons in exchange for various rewards and exclusive content. Here’s how Patreon works for artists:


  1. Creating a Patreon Page: Artists can set up their own Patreon page, where they describe their work, their goals, and what they offer to patrons. This page serves as a hub for their community and potential supporters.
  2. Tiered Membership Levels: Many artists offer different membership tiers with varying benefits. For example, they might offer early access to new artwork, exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, and more. Patrons can choose the tier that best suits their interests and budget.
  3. Monthly Pledges: Patrons pledge a certain amount of money per month to support the artist. The pledges are typically collected on the 1st of each month. This recurring revenue model helps artists have a predictable income stream.
  4. Rewards and Incentives: Artists often offer rewards to their patrons based on their pledge level. These rewards can be physical items like prints, digital content, personal thank-you messages, or even one-on-one interactions with the artist.
  5. Engagement and Community Building: Patreon is not just a funding platform; it’s also a way to build a community around your work. Artists can engage with their patrons through posts, comments, and live events, fostering a sense of belonging and exclusivity.
  6. Payment Processing and Fees: Patreon charges a fee for its service, and payment processing fees also apply. It’s essential to understand these fees and set your pricing accordingly. As of my last update in January 2022, Patreon’s fee structure was subject to change, so it’s advisable to check their website for the most current information.
  7. Marketing and Promotion: To be successful on Patreon, artists need to market their page to their existing fan base and reach potential supporters. This may involve promoting the page on social media, in newsletters, or through other online channels.
  8. Consistency and Delivering on Promises: It’s important for artists to be consistent in delivering rewards and providing value to their patrons. This helps maintain trust and support from their community.


Patreon provides artists with a way to diversify their income and reduce their reliance on traditional revenue sources like art sales, commissions, or gallery exhibitions. It can be especially beneficial for those who create niche or specialized content that may not be as commercially viable through traditional means.