Interview: 5 minutes with… Raez

Although it’s getting increasingly hard to isolate specific genres, artists tend to portray a particular mood. From bustling and animated to deep and moving, current electronic music carries distinguishing emotions. Portuguese bred newcomer Raez, has mirrored the beautiful intricacies found in the winding avenues of central Porto, with his incredibly clean and soulful production. Having homed a deep-seated relationship with funk, R&B, soul and jazz the natural progression in his production is laden with rich instrumentation and live hearty vocals.
Signing to French label Cosmonostro last year, Raez has since released an impressive assortment of singles and an EP. Perhaps the most effective side of his production can be found in his clever re-working of vocals. Below stream and download a brilliant example of his soul-laden productions:

Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Raez Remix) (Free Download) by Cosmonostro

We managed to speak with him about the growth of his sound, collaborations and his recent release.

Your style boasts a laid back premise. Do you have plans to make more club-friendly music?

Yes of course. Normally it depends on the mood i’m in. I can say that i started as a classic hip hop producer, and in the first years i was constantly diggin’ music to sample, always open to every kind of genre. I think it gave me a lot of influences which transformed my production style.

Your recent release sees your style move away from trap and closer to Hip-Hop and Soul. Will you revisit the more trap influenced style?

In the last years i’ve visited some different styles, since Neo Soul to Glitch Hop, Trap and others. Some say that i got styles upon styles. My music can never be associated to an unique genre, because i’m always looking forward to new musical challenges. And yes, it’s official, i’m working on more trap influenced music!

Ehmandah – With You (Prod. by Raez) (‘Connecting Miles’ out now) (Free Download) by Cosmonostro

You worked with some vocalists and MCs including Simple One and Andre DePriest on the recent Connecting Miles release. Are there any other vocalists you will be working with in the future?

Right now i’m working on more instrumental than collaborative music. Anyway, this year i’ll do some rap collaborations and will also produce some tracks for Portuguese R&B singers. Of course i’m managing other international collaborations but i prefer to reveal them later.

André DePriest – In This Life (Prod. by Raez) (‘Connecting Miles’ out now) by Cosmonostro

I’ve heard that Connecting Miles features artists from the 5 continents. How was it managing and producing this project?

For me it was like a new chapter in my music. I’ve reached all the artists via internet, and i didn’t expect that it was so easy to create a nice vibe and chemistry when it comes to write music. I’m very happy with the final result, as well as all the artists involved, so i consider this “Connecting Miles” mission accomplished.

Simple One – Stranger At My Door (Prod. by Raez) (‘Connecting Miles’ out now) by Cosmonostro

The Connecting Miles compilation was released by french record label Cosmonostro. Do you plan to release any this year?

“Connecting Miles” is my first album released by Cosmonostro and I can say that this association is working really nice. At this time i’m producing my new EP, and you can expect a totally different vibe comparing to my last release. This one will be released before summer, but lots of new music will be launched along this year.

Nongoma – Desire (Prod. by Raez) (‘Connecting Miles’ out now) by Cosmonostro