Interview 5 minutes with Lokiboi

Exuberant. Ever-changing. Exciting. Lokiboi is the latest Next Big Thing emerging from East London.

If you’ll forgive us for saying so, by DJ standards you are something of a newcomer to the
music scene. If Mr. Pseudo had to introduce you at a cocktail party, what would he say?

I personally think there are two sides here. On one side I am a newcomer and I am bringing something new and fresh into the modern sound, on the other side I think that I have been around for few years now. If Mr. Pseudo would have to introduce me he would have to say: “Please let me introduce to you Monsieur Lokiboi”. Simple as that.

Two EPs – ‘Late Reaction’ and ‘One House’ – as well as a collaboration with Klic to produce ‘Slow Down’. You’ve already covered two step, dub, UK Funky, house and garage. What would you say your musical style to be?

There are no boundaries for me (Post – Modernism?). There are no limits in terms of how
far do I want to take it, so it’s very hard to think about a specific genre. I was always
interested in the House culture, to be more specific in this transition from underground Disco
to House. I always thought there was something special and magical in the early days of New York,
early parties at David Mancuso’s Loft and the first years of Paradise Garage. I think that specific time of the late 70’s influenced my sound the most.

Your new release ‘Feel’ – heard on the Playground first I might (be contractually bound to) add – is an unashamed “re-cover” of arguably one of the most iconic pieces of house music ever (‘Can You Feel It’ by Mr Fingers). What was it like to play with such a great sample?

I would like to make this clear ‘Feel’ is just an edit. It’s a very specific combination of sounds that have been sampled million of times, it’s almost like making a new puzzle with old bits. There are three key parts in this edit:

1) Roland Clark, Urban Soul – President House (Acapella)

2) Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It (Pad & Bassline)

3) Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (Can you feel it sample + Perc)

The whole idea was just an experiment as always, but I think as a result we have a playable edit.

Do you think a DJ always has free rein to reinterpret tracks when re-mixing?

It always depends on the DJ.

Given that ‘Feel’ is so declamatorily House, does this signalling a more permanent move away from your experimentations in dub, two-step and garage, back towards house?

No, not really. For me the most important elements in music are: Inspiration, mood and a feeling. Each of those elements is very important. They all respond/react to my approach within the
music production, which could be absolutely anything: arrangement, swing, melody.
So I personally don’t like to stick to a specific genre (label) when making music, I guess it’s very natural for artist to experiment without putting any limits genre – wise. You do what you do.

Ever since 93 Feet East was shut down (Mr. Nym still cries himself to sleep at night) we’ve noticed a shift in East London. Places like the Nest and the Waiting Room are booking either percussive or melodic acts. Break beats are almost all gone and house is enjoying a re-emergence. Do you think this is part of a wider trend?

It is definitely a part of a wider trend right now. (From my point of view) Looking back at the late 70’s with first Disco – House transition (New York, Chicago and Detroit) people were actually fighting for a big changes in society (Racism, Gay rights, Disco sucks movement) Disco and House were significant in those moments as they were part of it. Later on it was UK and Acid House creating a new revolution. People were celebrating the collapse of the biggest system in the world (USSR). Suddenly people in Europe became free, there was a fleur of freedom in the air. From that point people had access to the Europe because there was no strict boundaries from the Warsaw Pact and people from behind “iron curtain” get access to the whole world. The time was going and UK was experiencing the variety of musical mutations: from speeding up acid house into the UK Hardcore, Breaks, Jungle to Drum and Bass or the transition of Garage to Dubstep / Grime. Now we have ‘House’ again, so you tell me what is the idea behind it?

One night out in Dalston, where would it be?

Tim and Barry’s Just Jam

And the next big thing?

My next few releases are scheduled for December – January (I will be ready to announce
them very soon). Also working with Madtech Records, helping them out with bits and bops.

How about you? What does the post-‘Feel’ future hold?

“We have a soul
Even through it’s
Electronic and Mathematic”
Kraftwerk 1970

Interviewers: Messrs. Pseudo and Nym