5 Minutes With… Kim Ann Foxman

Born and raised in Hawaii, immersed in the San Francisco rave scene and a party host in NYC; Kim Ann Foxman certainly isn’t short of experience. Aside from the parties, a little while back she was most commonly known for being the singer for Hercules and Love Affair.  Today, Foxman is labelled as one of the most highly regarded underground female artists out there. Once crowned Miss Fillipina Hawaii, she is now a renowned DJ, producer and label owner with a very impressive career well underway.

Kim Ann Foxman will be playing at Sea Dance in Montenegro this weekend (15 – 18 July). We had a chat with her ahead of the festival to talk Hawaii, The Hole and how you combine music and fashion. 

Your life growing up in Hawaii sounds like it was very interesting. What would your life as a musician be like had you have stayed there? Would it exist?  

I was working in a club in Hawaii and surrounded by dance music, but I wouldn’t have the opportunities to work in music if I had stayed there, thats for sure. I love Hawaii though, it makes my heart the happiest to be there.

Can you us a bit about your parties at The Hole in New York. What made them so popular? 

They went on from 2002-2005 in the East Village. It was very debaucherous, a total dive bar with no rules and good music. It was a great party, very mixed and one the last places in NY at the time where you could get away with literally anything without hiding. We used to play really kooky videos, some which we made ourselves. It was a mess, and it was awesome and scandalous, and so much fun.


What would the 1991 Miss Teen Filipina Hawaii Kim Ann Foxman say if she could see 2015 globe trotting DJ Kim Ann Foxman? 

She would say ‘Get me outtah this evening gown now!‘ That was never something I wanted so it’s not like I was in it to win it. I only accidentally won it.

So, you’re a resident in New York now. Which direction is the music scene in NY headed at the moment?

I’ve been living in NY since 2002. I think NY has opened up a lot to electronic music in the past few years. There’s plenty of stuff going on now. A lot to choose from as far as clubs go, and a lot of under the radar warehouse vibes as well. The city went through a massive dry spell for years but there is a lot going on now.

Who are you listening to at the moment? Any recommendations? 

As far as new stuff; Jozef K & Winter SonTribal Rhythm (ft. Flora Cruz). It’s coming out on my label Firehouse next and is a total summer slammer.

Mark Force Chicago (Trevino remix) is a nice one too.

How different was the feeling of releasing your first solo record to that of a collaborative project? 

It always feels good of course to release your own tracks. Collaborations are great too though.

You launched your own label, Firehouse Recordings, back in 2014. What was your thinking behind starting something of your own and how has it progressed since then?  

My thinking was to create an outlet for myself to self release and be in control of my own jams, collaborating with The Vinyl Factory has really made it extra special for me.

It’s common knowledge that the dance music scene is male dominated. Do you think this can make it difficult for women to launch their own labels? 

I think in a way its getting easier each year, although there is a long road to women getting paid equally to men in any job really and realistically. I personally see a lot of support for the selected ones who do make it in the industry and I think its good thing to encourage, support, and welcome talented women who deserve to kick ass in this industry. I think its slowly starting to make more movement and open up. Hopefully one day, it will be a lot more balanced. There is no reason it shouldn’t be.

In addition to electronic music, you’re also well known for fashion. How much would you say the two are interacting in 2015? 

I think the two can go hand in hand quite nicely, although, I don’t really push the fashion side of things or try too hard or anything. I think I just happen to have a lot or rad designer friends and fashionable friends who inspire me, and I do have a sense of style, so I guess some people appreciate that, which is nice. I really just dress to be comfortable, but I’m flattered that people think I’m fashionable.

Have you got any exciting projects coming up that we should we looking out for? 

Yes I do, but nothing I can reveal too many details on at the moment.

Kim Ann Foxman will be playing Sea Dance festival in Montenegro this weekend (15 – 18 July), click here to buy tickets. 

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