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June 7 saw the Berlin-based composer and musician Aparde unveil Hands Rest, his sophomore album and second studio LP offering on Christian Löffler’s revered Ki Records. A cohesive collection of eight beautifully hand-crafted tracks, Hands Rest is a complex and personal record that reflects both the essence of Berlin’s club scene and nightlife, which Aparde undoubtedly is immersed in, and also his own intimate, emotional world which he explores through avant-garde pop.

In the wake of his latest release, we shared some questions with Aparde to get to know more about him and what lies behind Hands Rest. Press play and enjoy:

Hey Aparde, thanks for taking some time out to answer our questions. How are you and what are you up to today?

Thank you for having me! Today I’m fine. I had a great talk with Flux FM about my latest album Hands Rest. And now, I am sitting down to answer your questions!

You attended a music school for nine years. What events or musical artists inspired you to start making the electronic music that you are now?

Yes I was taught to play the drums at school and was a member of a new metal band influenced by the likes of Deftones, Korn and Tool. During this time, a friend and band member showed me music from Aphex Twin, Apparat and Extrawelt – this was heavy inspiring for me.

Your new album Hands Rest is out now on Christian Löffler’s Ki Records. How did you approach the writing process? What inspired its creation?

I wanted to split the track selection into two; productions you can play in clubs and pop-influenced vocal tracks which are more calm and intimate where my voice stands in the foreground. About two years ago, I was going through something very emotional in my personal life and at the same time, I was thinking about stopping making music. The first tracks I made after I motivated myself again to continue were “Hands Rest” and “Tar”. So I decided to make a new album and Ki Records was helping me to do so.

How was this relationship with Ki Records established?

We met in Hamburg where Christian and I were playing a few years ago. The first demo I sent them wasn’t quite right, but after sending them the tracks which formed my first album Glass we have been working together ever since.

Hands Rest is a deeply personal record. Is it more difficult to release material of this nature? Are you concerned with how your music is received?

I would say it’s more difficult to perform than release it – because it’s more personal and I’m still not that confident in live singing. To be honest, I’m thinking about how it’s received but when I’m playing a good set or get energy from good things and people it’s more relative. The impression my music transports can be different for everyone, and that’s ok, maybe that’s what it’s all about.

What equipment did you use when writing/producing and recording this album?

Instruments I have used are the DSI Prophet8 and Moog Minitaurus Desktop Modules which I connected to a Doepfer PK 88 Midi Keyboard. Almost every percussive sound is self recorded, played with instruments or just experimental stuff from my surroundings.

Following the release of this new material, what are your plans for the rest of the year?

I play my first album tour with debuts in Turkey, Istanbul on the Electronica Festival, Fabric in London and Feel Festival. I want to try to improve my live-set especially the more concert-like sets. And of course new music and a new album as soon as possible.

What track have you been particularly enjoying of late?

For now, one is the Apparat ‘Brandenburg’ remix by Stimming. There is this subtly driven and constant element throughout and in between is Saschas messed up voice – it’s simply great.

If you were not a musician, what would you be?

Maybe I would take over the wood workshop from my father and doing furniture or half pipes haha.

Famous last words?

Thank you for having me and best wishes!

Aparde has also shared a wonderful mini-documentary focusing on his creative outlook and processes. Watch it here:

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