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Simon Buret  and Olivier Coursier, otherwise known as AaRON, formed back in 2004.  They shot to fame with when their songs ‘U-Turn (Lili)’ and ‘Mister K’ were used on the soundtrack of ‘Je Vais Bien, Ne T’en Fais Pas’, a hit French film in which Buret acts. ‘U-Turn (Lili)’ went viral, and when the duo’s debut ‘Artificials Animals Riding on Neverland’ came out in 2007, it sold over 400 000 copies and is considered a classic by many. Years to follow saw the accolade of another chart topping album (Birds in the Storm) and pair being awarded with a European Border Breaker Award followed by their tour throughout Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg. Now in 2015, supported by a well-deserved national infatuation and growing international recognition, they return with their forthcoming self produced, third album ‘We Cut The Night‘.

We caught up with AaRoN ahead of their release to find out more about the duo that caused such a stir.  

Hi there, how are you and what are you up to today?

Hello playground, we’re good. Both of us are at the studio recording some stuff for the We Cut The Night tour and right now is our (late) lunch break. 

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?

Songs written as seized moments; we like to make music as we would take polaroids of our minds. Images turned into music – hopefully filled with shades of raw poetry. Basically we try to make music for the feet and for the soul. Something that can take you somewhere when you listen to it.

Can you name the artists that have influenced you the most?

Diane ArbusGregory CrewdsonBill ViolaJean Michel BasquiatNina Simone and Sufjan Stevens.

Which other artists are you into at the moment and why?

Lykke Li, for her non conventional style. Sufjan Stevens, for his way of sharing his emotions. Tame Impala, for the strength that rises out their sound. FKA Twigs for the vision of music that she has.

What are some of the key pieces of gear you’re using at the moment? 

Moleskine, eyes, heart, pen. At the studio, usually piano for the skeleton of the song and then for its muscles, Gretschdrums, siel, Juno, computer. We search the perfect match between the lyrics and the sound that would illustrate them the most.

What’s the best gig you have ever done and why?

Simon: The next one, for it is mostly there that I feel free from Gravity!

Olivier: The first one, for I only realised on that stage that this journey was maybe something that was going to be big in my life.

What’s the worst gig you have ever done and why?

A gig in Germany years ago, but not for musical reasons.

If you weren’t a musician what would you be?

Simon: I’d have love to be a sculptor with lots of dogs and a big belly in a house in the south of France in the early 1900’s. Or a sponge diver in Greece. Or a bird in New York City in the 1930’s.

Olivier: Painter to express what I have in me differently than with music, maybe.

What are your opinions on the following genres…


Debussy, Erik Satie, Arvö Part. Classical Music represents the best of human creativity.


Leadbelly, Billie Holliday, Nina Simone. A good old friend beside your shadow on the road.


Ray Charles, Nina Simone. Yes we have one. We try to take care of it.

Hip hop?

Kanye West, Beastie Boys, Childish Gambino. A mirror of the modern world.


Neil young, Leonard Cohen, Sufjan Stevens. Freedom. Land of plenty. What makes me think that music saves lives.


Memories of teenage years.


C O M E O N B A R B I E L E T ‘ S GO P A R T Y.

Do you have any information regarding upcoming releases, projects, DJ mixes or collaborations in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

We Cut The Night will be out later on in the year. 

Website: https://aaronofficial.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AaRONofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aarontheband



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