How to Make (and Nurture) Music Industry Contacts

Building and nurturing relationships in the music industry, or any industry for that matter, is a combination of networking, professionalism, and genuine relationship-building. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make and nurture music industry contacts:


Start Locally:

Attend local gigs, music showcases, and events.

Connect with local music schools or institutions.

Join or start a musician’s group where industry insiders might occasionally drop in.


Attend Conferences and Workshops:

Make sure to have business cards or a professional way of keeping in touch.


Join Professional Organizations:

Examples include ASCAP, BMI, or local songwriter groups.

These organizations often host events, which can be great networking opportunities.


Use Social Media:

Follow and interact with industry professionals, artists, producers, labels, and music writers.

Join Facebook or Reddit groups related to music industry networking.


Engage in Online Communities and Platforms:

Websites like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and even Spotify can be a platform to connect with other artists and industry professionals.


Intern or Volunteer:

Start with record labels, studios, or radio stations.

You’ll gain first-hand experience and be in an environment where connections happen naturally.


Stay Updated:

Understand the current trends and shifts in the music industry.

By staying informed, you can strike up relevant conversations with contacts and show that you’re in tune with the industry.


Genuine Relationship-Building:

It’s not just about what someone can do for you; it’s about building a genuine relationship.

Don’t approach every interaction as a transaction. Focus on getting to know the person.


Follow Up:

After meeting someone, follow up with a friendly email or message.

Mention a specific part of your conversation to remind them of who you are and your interaction.


Be Professional and Respectful:

Always be on time.

Show gratitude when someone gives you their time or advice.

If you commit to something, make sure you see it through.



By collaborating with other artists or industry professionals, you naturally expand your network.

Collaboration can be in the form of music production, songwriting, or any other project that aligns with your skills.


Regular Check-ins:

Once you’ve established a contact, check in occasionally.

This could be to share news about a milestone you’ve achieved or simply to see how they’re doing.


Provide Value:

Think about what you can offer in a relationship, not just what you can get.

Maybe you have skills in graphic design, video editing, or social media marketing. Offer these skills to others in exchange for something they’re good at, or simply to foster goodwill.


Stay Active and Visible:

Release music consistently.

Engage in local gigs or online platforms.

The more active you are, the more opportunities you have to interact with others.


Lastly, remember that the music industry, like any other industry, thrives on trust and credibility. Building a reputation for being reliable, professional, and authentic will make it easier for you to form and nurture meaningful contacts.