2019: The Newest Must-Listen Compilations

Feature Image: Terre Thaemlitz by Ruthie Singer-Decapite

2019 has barely begun yet the hype within the music realm never ceases to desist. With exceptionally exciting albums already being announced, the Golden Globes highlighting some of 2018’s best composers in the film industry, new tracks and aesthetically beautiful (or heartbreaking) music videos – along with massive festival lineup announcements, such as Coachella and Primavera: the music world is already pushing perpetual thrill. With that being said, within the first two weeks of January, not only have we been on the receiving end of all this exhilarating hype for the year to come, but we’ve been gifted some great compilations to get us going, too.  

Here are four must-listen compilations ranging from the unreleased, to the reworked and the upcoming.

Firstly we begin with edits and now-released, unreleased tracks from 2018.

Manchester producer LOFT has curated a collection of previously commercially unavailable tracks from 2018; self-releasing ell oh eff tea too oh won ate – 19 tracks consisting of edits and bootlegs available as a free download on bandcamp.

Listen and download ell oh eff tea too oh won ate by LOFT here.

Terre Thaemlitz, also known by her moniker DJ Sprinkles – has released a digital compilation of works on her label, Comatonse Recordings. The multi-talented legendary producer, writer, artist and educator’s curation consists of 76 previously unreleased tracks, including music from older curations. Comp x Comp features 47 (mostly) one second tracks lifted from a tribute compilation to the inventor of the compact disk, James T. Russell as well as 10 previously unavailable productions originally intended for German label Mille Plateaux.

Listen and download Comp x Comp by Terre Thaemlitz here.

An all new 15 hour ambient playlist entitled Ambient Resistance has been released by Local Action; curated by artists such as object blue, India Jordan, Murlo, Mumdance and many more. The compilation features contributions from musicians such as Max Richter, Tirzah, Yamaneko, The Cure, Mr. Mitch, A Silver Mt. Zion and many more ambient greats that make up the 162 song playlist.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

Finally, something to look forward to in the not-so-distant future – an up and coming compilation by American techno label Blankstairs has been announced; a three-part curation entitled Tripped, which celebrates the labels 6 year anniversary. Tripped Vol. 1 will be released January 15th.

See the upcoming tracklist below:

2019 is already proving to be an exceptionally positive year in terms of what has (and shall) grace us in the upcoming months. In the meantime, make sure to check out these fantastic compilations and keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for the upcoming sonorous waves within the electronic world this year.

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