20 Enchanting Electronic Tracks Concluding September 2018 (Pt. 2)

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Image Credit: Unknown (Please let us know so we can add in proper credit!)

Halfway through September I wrote the first part of a list regarding our favourite 15 innovative, spellbinding tracks that had been released so far: and the sheer excitement of what was to follow – check out our Part 1 list if you haven’t already!

September has certainly lived up to the hype, with the electronic scene booming in terms of truly phantasmagorical releases. This month has certainly been invigorating, adorned in enticing tracks that are the perfect summation to the music boom in September.

We can’t wait to see what October is bringing our way!

Below are 20 engrossing tracks that are just a few of our top picks of the month:

Robyn – ‘Honey

Mija – ‘Dead Flowers & Cigarettes

Trevor Something – ‘Brainwashed

Yaeji – ‘One More

Booker Stardrum – ‘Five Finger Cloud

Etch – ‘Snells Law

Miljon – ‘What Does It Take

Marie Davidson – ‘Work It

Rina Mushonga – ‘4qrtrs

Flame Shapes – ‘Falling

Objekt – ‘Secret Snake

Max Cooper – ‘Rule 110


San Holo – ‘show me

Shinichi Atobe – ‘Heat 1

D33J (ft. Deb Never and Shlohmo) – ‘Nothing Left

Oleg Byonic – ‘N.e.b.o. (What’s Your Sign?)’

Farao – ‘Marry Me

Shah – ‘Arcane

Das Ding – ‘Marketing Strategies For Main Sequence Stars

Hope you enjoyed our list! As per usual, please let us know what your favourite tracks of September have been? What are you looking forward to this October? Comment below!

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