20 Cascading Wave Gems of August 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Artwork CreditNatasha Molotkova

The shimmering genre that is Wave never ceases to create beautiful seascapes of swirling, loving atmosphere and sings ever so charming in it’s unique personality and dynamic, immersive experience; drawing listeners in with it’s creative embrace. August has graced us with an engulf of immersion in the Wave scene; from the pure tenderness of artists such as Monomi, to the beautifully, heavy yet intimate beat driven cuts from WTCHCRFT; introspective, experimentation of ambience and atmosphere by Intimatum, and the entrancing coalescence of uptempo excitement by niteboi – we just had to share our favourite moonlit soaked Wave tracks that were released in August of this year. Many of these tracks we discovered through fantastic Wave youtube channels such as FOMH, The Accidental Poet and Fluidified.

Check them out for all your Wave needs!

Here are 20 of our favourite tracks from August:

(as usual this list is in no particular order!)

Kareful & Deadcrow – ‘Iridescence’


Tiikk & A-Tint – ‘Clouds’

Kazukii – ‘Sworn’

MVEJIMV – ‘Closer’

Oleg Byonic – ‘Inner Self’

TomkillsJerry – ‘Rain’

Monomi – ‘Lucid Love’

Henryisdead – ‘Midnight Racer’

niteboi – ‘don’t like (enjoii flip)’

sweeep – ‘to an angel’

Insomna – ‘With the Flow’ (feat. Antent)

Victoriya x Andy Leech ‘Infinity’

juche – ‘Red Neon‘ [Yusoul]

Pippi Ciez – ‘New Moon

BACKWHEN – ‘Barracuda

Faded Dollars – ‘Excess’ [NØIR Exclusive]

pexØt – ‘Shining Shadows’ [Synesthesia]

Intimatum – ‘Initiate’

Øfdream – ‘Perception’

Hope you enjoyed our list! What were your favourite tracks from August? Let us know!

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