15 Pearl-Glow Wave Cuts Of September 2018

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Despite being a genre that continuously flies under the radar for reasons forever unknown, Wave takes so little yet gives so much. With relatively regular releases by some extremely talented creators, Wave doesn’t get almost half the credit it deserves. With this being said, youtube channels such as FOMH, Accidental Poet and Fludified are life savers for all Wave lovers so check in with them for continuous uploads! We’ve assembled but a few of our favourite tracks that we have playing on repeat right now.

Below is an assortment of sparkling Wave tracks from September that have immersed us in atmosphere:

BACKWHEN – ‘Kingdom

barnacle boi – ‘don’t dwell.

Daminika – ‘Beyond the Stars

palence – ‘cathode

Monomi – ‘Empress

Ocxone – ‘Andromeda

førget.night drive

NVTE – ‘motion

Kori (feat. Elle Chante) – ‘Lost In Motion‘ 

Ritual Drops – ‘Oasis

Victoriya – ‘Format

h v t e. – ‘l o o m i n g,

Ecepta – ‘Hollow

Nomyn – ‘Lightness

Ennja – ‘Hold Me

Hope you enjoyed our list! What are some of your favourite Wave tracks from September?

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