15 Music Videos That Will Have You Spellbound

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…it’s a new year! To kick off 2019, we’ve compiled a list of but a few favourite music videos that certainly fit the category of ear and eye-candy! Prepare to click repeat as you’re captured by both aesthetic, and the fantastic tracks with a little something for everyone.

Below are 15 music videos that have captured our hearts, in no particular order!

Ex:Re – ‘Romance

Talos – ‘See Me

Alice Glass – I Trusted You

Sharon Van Etten – Jupiter 4

Chelou – Out Of Sight


The Moth & The Flame – The New Great Depression

Night Club – Schizophrenic

Winona Oak – Don’t Save Me

Gunship – The Video Game Champion

Boy Harsher – Fate

josh pan – ‘Mask

Parra For Cuva – Cupa Cupa

Dead Can Dance – ACT II – The Mountain

Grimes – We Appreciate Power

Which music videos have been on your radar lately? Let us know!

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