15 Lovingly Emotive Ambient Tracks To Help You Relax

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Often the world we live in feels overwhelming; a tide in which we are swept up, lapping the shore of politics and searing pain – falling to apathy, confined to our lethargy. With the constant saturation of media turning; glitching as rusted clogs and sparking, we find ourselves in states of anxiety that make it difficult to sleep at night. It’s like a perpetual burnout, as soon as we have a moment of rest, it feels as though that embrace of regeneration can be stolen within the second. However, the importance of allowing ourselves those moments to reflect; to really take a deep breath, regain our energy within the daily stressors of life so we have a clear mind in which to navigate.

To assist in those moments of calm and reflection we all so desperately need, we’ve compiled a list of enchanting ambient tracks; with hints of wave and post-rock among them.

Below are 15 shimmering ambient tracks on our radar for relaxation, in no particular order!

Valotihkuu – ‘Enchanted Pond

The Ambientalist – ‘Tale Of The Lost Dragon

Lights & Motion – ‘Whispering Sea

Oscuro – ‘How’s It Going To End

4th Front – ‘Worlds Apart

Michael FK – ‘Parachutes

Lissom – ‘Doppelgänger

Exist Strategy – ‘Attunement

Dan Farley – ‘Lorica

Endless Melancholy – ‘Postcards

Clemens Ruh – ‘Days of Wonder

Bedroom – ‘Rime

Kisnou – ‘Muse

Umber – ‘From This Earth To Another

Alaskan Tapes & Feverkin – ‘Here & There

What are some of your favourite tracks to relax to? Let us know!

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