10 Spellbinding Live Performances Presented by Boiler Room

By Jenna Dreisenstock

Boiler Room is perhaps best known solely for its host of live DJ sets (hence the name) in which focus strays from visual aesthetic, their format fairly typical in nature as we are able to experience the sound of our favourite DJs as they bloom and create: however, it is some of Boiler Rooms live performances, either individually hosted or collaboratively sponsored that bring out the best of both the auditory and visual worlds.

We have gathered together 10 of our favourite live Boiler Room performances in which we found ourselves simply unable to look away, bringing the style and sound of our favourite artists to life in visual aesthetic.

Here are 10 live Boiler Room sets (in no particular order) that we have found particularly innovative and mesmerising:

Four Tet – London (2016)

A shimmering light performance, shrouded in darkness with the flutter of colours as glittering butterflies, singing in sync to Four Tet’s signature style and visual aesthetic: this live performance keeps us captivated in shimmering beauty.

Binkbeats – London (2015)

Multi-instrumentalist and percussionist extraordinaire Binkbeats dazzles audiences with his incredible talents; from using broken toys to everyday objects and unusual, unexpected instruments and improvisational auditory techniques, this Live London set is the perfect visual display of Binkbeats incredible talents.

Bonobo – London (2015)

Engulfed in heavenly light and an orchestral awe of epic proportions, Bonobo’s live Boiler Room performanced hypnotizes in stylistic technique and dynamic experimentation; visually entrancing to the eye with vivid colouring to accompany the true emotion of each track; from bright shimmering reds in fast-paced overwhelm, to soft golden light in slow, reflective experience.

Nils Frahm – Croatia (2014)

The outstanding ability that lies within the palms of Nils Frahm never ceases to amaze listeners and audiences alike. The overwhelming immerse of atmospheric soundscapes come to life with Frahm’s passionate and engaging performance in this live performance, sparkling in lightness and darkness – a transfixation of the way in which Nils Frahm brings his sound to the stage.

Tycho – San Francisco (2014)

A swirl of psychedelic visuals accompany this performance by Tycho, blending seamlessly within their auditory aesthetic with glowing, brilliant colours as they illuminate each member in a vivid lucidity: embracing their sound in an immersive performance that is difficult to look away from.

Marc Romboy – Dortmund (2017)

The word ‘epic’ has found itself as an evolution of language essentially as descriptive, casual slang: but if anything, this performance by Marc Romboy and the Dortmund Philharmonic Orchestra brings the original meaning back to the word – a performance which is best described as just that. Epic. An awe-inspiring performance by both Romboy and the Orchestra, this live set is captivating not only in sound but in simply watching the musicians as they immerse themselves in the experience, with Romboy standing as electronic conductor.

Shlohmo – London (2015)

This live London set by Shlohmo is an overwhelm in stunning visual aesthetic, in vivid neon and rich, deeply bright spotlights working perfectly in sync with Shlomo’s sound; with his use of exceptional coloured lighting to shrouded darkness, this performance speaks boldly not only in the auditory but the visual.

Gorillaz – Tokyo (2018)

This Boiler Room set live in Tokyo was a breakthrough performance for Gorillaz as the set solely consisted of their newly released tracks from the album ‘The Now Now’ – a premiere that looped for 24 hours as they performed the unreleased album at the time to extreme anticipation and hype – the full tracklist was heard for the first time in this set exclusively. In typical Gorillaz fashion the set danced in vivid lighting and animated visuals, capturing the already over-the-moon audience and Gorillaz law in live action.

Shigeto – Montreal (2016)

An eclectic performance by Shigeto, engulfed in an evocative royal blue as the performance spirals with psychedelia as visual aesthetic stirs in heart-beat submerge, perfectly timed in dynamic with Shigeto’s style, the most striking element of blue lighting embrace hypnotizing in nature.

Darkside – New York (2013)

With a more intimate setting lit only dimly as the city lights flicker like fireflies in the background, Darkside’s New York live set captures the setting perfectly in appearance; the nightlife and glittering water of NYC shimmering behind their shrouded silhouettes, this introspective atmosphere embraces their sound in a dynamic performance.

The way in which visual aesthetic weaves within the auditory can truly enhance how we as listeners and fans experience the music which drives us, and performances like these truly show us the magnificence of an artists style as they are able to express themselves not only through sound but through imagery.

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