10 Recent Eye-Catching Music Videos

By Jenna Dreisenstock

A collaboration in film, music and conceptual thinking; music videos are a perfect example as to how the arts weave in with one another. Music videos give us a better understanding of the artists and the personalities they portray within their stylistic visions and auditory explorations. The way in which an artist chooses to visualise their sound is an important aspect of the music world, giving us an insight into the ways in which tone, timbre and tempo all come together in the form of colours, themes, cinematography and acting.

While some videos are more straightforward in their approach, whether it be beautifully artistic cinematography and a strong narrative in tune with the track; or an aesthetic expression of the artist playing live in a conceptual world – some videos break the barrier of the expected and draw us in with their bizarre visuals, concepts and tones.

Here are 10 recent music videos that break away from traditional filmmaking and it’s auditory companionship:

Iglooghost – ‘Clear Tamei

(Strobe Warning)

Daniel Avery – ‘Glass

Blood Orange – ‘Charcoal Baby

Pale Waves – ‘Noises

OKZharp and Mante Ribane

Why U In My Way‘ | ‘Tide‘ | ‘Theletsa‘ | ‘Treasure Erasure

serpentwithfeet – ‘cherubim

ANOHNI – ‘Miracle Now

Mk.gee – ‘Priorities

Leon Vynehall – ‘Movements (Chapter III)’

Ross From Friends – ‘Pale Blue Dot

Those are just a few of our strange yet favourite videos released recently.

Any videos we’re missing out on? Let us know in the comments!

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