10 New & Upcoming Electronic Albums You Don’t Want To Miss

There’s nothing better than finding new music – except perhaps, new music being released by our absolute favourite artists! Never knowing what to expect, the anxiety of whether the single, EP or album will live up to our expectations can’t be denied; but approaching new material always requires an open mind. With that being said, the amount of music being released on a daily basis can be quite overwhelming, so we’ve been keeping an eye out for upcoming albums that are highly anticipated. We can only hope that these albums live up to our expectations, but that requires us to keep an open mind and embrace our excitement until release date.

Feature Image: Amelie Lens, Credit Unknown (Please let us know)

Below are 10 upcoming electronic albums releasing in 2019:

‘2’ – Lifted

Release Date: 7th June

Label: PAN

FFO Genres: Experimental, Minimalist, Ambient, IDM.

‘Claustro / State Forest’ – Burial

Release Date: 14th June

Label: Hyperdub

FFO Genres: Techno, Experimental, House

Pre-Order Claustro / State Forest by Burial

‘Arrow of Time’ – Joel Mull

Release Date: 14th June

Label: Parabel

FFO Genres: Techno, Experimental

‘Release’ – Irakli x Michailo

Release Date: 15th June

Label: Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound

FFO Genres: Ambient, Techno, Experimental, IDM

‘Hypnotized’ – Amelie Lens

Release Date: 28th June

Label: Second State

FFO Genres: Techno

‘Second Process’ – LSD

Release Date: 28th June

Label: LSD (self-titled imprint)

FFO Genres: Techno, Experimental

‘Tracing Back The Radiance’ -Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Release Date: 12th July

Label: Mexican Summer

FFO Genres: Ambient, Experimental

‘Animated Violence Mild’ – Blanck Mass

Release Date: 16th August

Label: Sacred Bones

FFO Genres: Experimental, Synthwave, IDM, Electro-pop

‘Karma And Desire’ – Actress

Release Date: (TBA) October

Label: Ninja Tune

FFO Genres: IDM, Glitch, Experimental

More information to be announced soon.

‘Sizzling’ – Daphni

Release Date: TBA

Label: Jiaolong

FFO Genres: Electro, Experimental, House

Pre-Order Sizzling (EP) by Daphni

We’re always on the look out for new albums to add to our playlists, to review and overall just enjoy – so please let us know which upcoming albums you’re looking forward to this year!

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